TransCargo offers a variety of 3PL services and we design solutions to fit our client's specific needs. Whether our clients require basic warehousing services or more sophisticated fulfillment programs, Champion will ensure that the project is completed to their exact specifications.



TransCargo Warehousing services include

  • Racked storage
  • Bulk storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • Labeling
  • Cross docking
  • Regional and National distribution

TransCargo has the facilities, equipment, and management systems necessary to get your products to market. With the combined services of warehousing, fulfillment, assembly and transportation, TransCargo offers greater control of our client's programs, particularly with outbound shipments. The warehouse division supplies our clients with these services from our impressive 400,000 square foot facility just outside of Chicago.


TransCargo fulfillment services include

  • Pick and pack services
  • Assembly services
  • Kitting
  • Packing
  • Literature, promotional and POP material